Els vents de L'Obac

Daring, bold, risk-taking … the five wind instruments in L’Obac Ensemble provide a truly unique musical experience. A survey of the standard repertoire for these instruments provides an overview of chamber music for wind instruments.

The essence of the wind quintet is so strong that it has always maintained an entity of its own. From the basics to orchestral arrangements L'Obac always strives to magnify the role of each wind instrument, with contrasting colour, intensity and symphonic dynamics, as well as soloist passages, without reneging acoustic complicity with the other instruments.

Compositions by Stamitz, Hindemith, Bizet, Rossini, Albeniz, Piazzola, Ibert, Arnold, Bernstein, Medaglia...
Mix de seis

Six musicians and unbridled talent are presented to the public in various different formations during the one event. Two different programmes showcase various combinations that ensure originality and cadence in the experience of a chamber music concert. Starting off with a baroque sting trio, taking Bach as its benchmark, it evolves brilliantly with the gradual incorporation of wind instruments, in works by Mozart and Prokofiev, until reaching a peak in the spectacular noble and sentimental waltzes by Ravel. Colour, texture, pitch … a true collage of outstanding music.

Compositions by Bach, Mozart. Prokofiev y Ravel

The signature features of the ensemble are the contrasting colour between instrumental families, sonic intensity and symphonic dynamics, as well as soloist passages for each instrument.

In consequence, its programmes are highly varied, with styles ranging from the classical period to contemporary music, overviewing the standard chamber music repertoire while also adding less frequently heard scores which are the result of the ensemble’s exhaustive research and its desire to ensure audiences a unique musical experience.

L'Obac classical: Mozart y Beethoven
L'Obac romantic: Schubert, Smetana, Rheinberger
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